The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop May 8, 2016  •  Analogue NOW Festival


„The Yummy Soup Revolution!“
Mini Experimental Film DevelopingWorkshop at the 2nd Analogue Now Film & Photo Festival
in Berlin-Lichtenberg


We extend our small-format cine-consciousness with flower tea and Lichtenberg schnapps.

These ingredients (plus vitamin C and washing soda) make an incredibly professional black and white negative film developer! It is environmentally friendly and smells very alchemistic!

We grab the cameras, walk in small groups through Berlin‘s streets, shoot some meter of black & white super 8 film (Adox und Kodachrome), then stir the soup and develop it all together in the very analog film tank!

All this in 5-hours experimental workshop. Limited to 8 people.

The workshop is over, it was intense and beautiful! Thank you Enrique, Hila, Jana, Kerstin, Patrice, Sabine and Susi!

The Russian developing tank  
  We will develop with herb brandy!
      Herbs and flowers contain phenols. These are essential for a black & white negative developer.
  More info about eco developing here!
Filming shadows and Pusteblumen / dandelions Hila testing Peaceman's Canon Testing Wurzelpeter schnaps! Click on the image and watch our workshop film!  
          Recipes here!