The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Film Show 19 October 2023

• Workshop 21 October 2023
Balkan Can Kino / Festival “6th Symposium”
Athens, Greece

“¡Viva Kompostol! Super 8 + eco processing”
A short 1-day Super 8 workshop


Up to 6 participants, 1 black and white Super 8 cassette, filming together and collecting the ingredients, stirring together and developing! 15 meters of Super 8 film, bio-developed, air-dried, straight into the projector and thrown on the wall according to guerrilla screening!

“We go out and pick a few flowers, take some tree bark with us and the kiwi and banana peels from breakfast, brew a soup out of it, add vitamin C and washing soda, stir, enjoy the sudden chemical reaction that bubbles slightly, carefully sniffing at the scent that has never been smelled before and gives us the feeling of being somehow very close to (healthy) matter, art and reality!

What are film layers made of, what makes light, how do I act as a developer, how are we all connected and why do leftovers work – the magic of the haptic analog claws us and spins us into the universe of ecologically harmless organic soup development!”

The workshop is over and it was fantastic! We mixed a powerful soup, called it “Athenol” and developed one film cassette with it. Result: great!

Thank you for being part of the joyful adventure: Giorgos, Chryssa, Vivi, Maria, Tony, Myrto, Yiannis, Konstantza and Vera!


Organized by:
Balkan Can Kino

The 6th BCK Film Symposium is taking place in October 2023. Filmmakers from around the world are invited to submit their works for consideration in the symposium, in different spaces in Athens, with free entrance.

Location for workshop and film show:

Zoetrope is an artist-run space aiming to explore, nurture and support participartory and collaborative artistivc practices with a special focus on photography, artists' book and film.

In Cooperation with:
Pugnant Film Series

The Pugnant Film Series is a nonprofit organization that organizes screenings of underground, dada & auteur cinema in Athens & Greece generally.

Here is a little film on Youtube made from the workshop group film: