The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop August 27 / 28, 2016 in Berlin


“The Yummy Soup Revolution!“
Experimental Film Developing Workshop in my new darkroom in Berlin-Kreuzberg!
Saturday 12 - 5 pm, Sunday 11 - 6 pm


My darkroom is finally ready! Quite big, with a nice kitchen and terrace.
The perfect meeting point. Welcome to my self organized 2 days workshop!
Limited to 5 people.

Saturday: meeting, have a coffee, Super 8 and (alternative) developer facts, getting to know different cameras and the magic Russian tank, watching film examples … and then we go out: filming a group film altogether, developing it directly after in Caffenol! Then you’ll get a camera to shoot a film roll on your own, evening, night or next morning!

Sunday:we develop all films one after the other in different soups: flowers, plants, coffee, beer, wine, juice, schnapps... and when they are all developed and dried we watch them together on a projector and drink the remaining coffee/beer ;-)
I take care oft he telecine of all films, everybody gets his/her film plus the group film on DVD or via wetransfer.

Costs: 120 EURO

You get:
1 b&w film roll – Adox or TriX (3 min film)
all chemicals needed
1 super 8 camera to try and take with you from SAT to SUN
Telecine of your film and the group film – DVD or via Wetransfer
Coffee, tea, water
lots of fun and insider tricks!

The workshop is over and it was great!! Thank you David, Regina and Tai!


The Russian developing tank  
Tai filming Kottbusser Tor
Regina and Tai hanging the film outside - it was a jungle hot day!
The place to be: my darkroom has a terrace!  
My brother and me getting the darkroom ready!  
More info about eco developing here!  
Developing soup made from flowers, soda and vitamin c   David mixing coffee developer with Vodka Gorbatchov!