The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Mini Workshop October 21, 2017 in Berlin


„The Coffee Wine Mushroom Tea Revolution!“
Experimental Film Developing Workshop in my darkroom in Berlin-Kreuzberg!
Saturday 11 am to 7 pm


For some time now I have experimented with alternatives to a conventional, environmentally harmful developer. And I've stumbled over CAFFENOL, a black-and-white negative developer for film and photo.
CAFFENOL consists of instant coffee, vitamin C powder and washing soda. All three you can easily buy at at Aldi, Lidl, Rossmann etc. Better buy the cheapest coffees, it's all about the caffeic acid in it: bad for the stomach, essential for developing! The soup can be flushed into the toilet after one-time use.

And how and why does ist work?
Coffee contains phenols, the small sisters of Hydrochinone, the main ingredient of many black-and-white developers.
Phenols are found in various plants and foods: coffee, tea, red wine, potatoes, black currant, mushrooms, vanilla, whiskey, tree bark, various flower blossoms ...
So I mix the above plants and drinks (raw potatoes, make blossom tea, chop and cook green leaves and herbs) and mix (important!) vitamin c powder (contrast enhancer, grain cleaner and light clarifier) and washing soda ).
The results are just as good as conventional developers, since nothing is greasy, limp or brownish, on the contrary: I'm always amazed how nicely the soups work: rich in nuances and good contrasts. Plus it smells interesting, a bit like in an alchemist brewery: stirring the brew, sniffing, murmuring spells.

The workshop
A mini workshop, Saturday from 11am to 7pm. Limited to 6 people. We speak German and English. No previous knowledge required. 80 Euros. Super 8 is the sexiest film material in the world!

Cost: 80 EURO

You get:
1/2 roll TriX (1 1/2 minutes black&white film), all chemicals needed,
Telecine of your film and the group film, coffee, tea, water & lots of fun and insider tricks!

The workshop is over!!! Thank you Achilleas, Blacki, India, Emma, Finnja for being part of it!!

  The Russian developing tank
Belgian Super 8 Beer
Golden Milk (Curcuma, Pepper, Ginger etc) developer …)
Developer soup made from fruit, spices, washing soda and vitamin c!
Super 8 Selfie  

Three films that were shot and developed during the workshop, see here!!!

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Cool Gang with sheep
Photos: me and Blacki