The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• 2 days workshop in March or May 2018 in Berlin


“I see double: Double 8 and Double Super 8“
Experimental Film Development Workshop in my darkroom in Berlin-Kreuzberg!
Saturday and Sunday 11am - 6pm


Super 8 is caged in cassettes - Double Super 8 films are 16mm wide and are not packaged in cassettes but on 10m spools. The films run through the camera twice - as known from the standard 8-based double 8 - and is then cut lengthwise in the middle after film development and thus separated into two film strips of Super 8 format.

Of course you can also run the film more often through the camera and get double or multiple exposures!
Double 8 and Double Super 8 films are still freshly made by the Czech company FOMA.
I have different cameras which we can test and film with! You can take one home on Saturday ... on Sunday we will develop all the films together!

In Caffenol:
CAFFENOL consists of instant coffee, vitamin C powder and washing soda. All three you can easily buy at at Aldi, Lidl, Rossmann etc. Better buy the cheapest coffees, it's all about the caffeic acid in it: bad for the stomach, essential for developing! The soup can be flushed into the toilet after one-time use.
Coffee contains phenols, the small sisters of Hydrochinone, the main ingredient of many black-and-white developers.
Phenols are found in various plants and foods: coffee, tea, red wine, potatoes, black currant, mushrooms, vanilla, whiskey, tree bark, various flower blossoms ...

Der Workshop
Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Limited to 5 people. We speak German and English. No previous knowledge required. Double / Super 8 is the sexiest film material in the world!

Cost: 120 EURO

You get:
1 roll double (super) 8 black&white film (4 minutes, FOMA)
Camera to go
All chemicals needed
Telecine of your film and the group film – DVD or via Wetransfer
Coffee, tea, water, cookies
Lots of fun and insider tricks!

The Russian developing tank
FOMA films: Double 8 and Double Super 8
A Quarz Double Super 8 camera!
More info about eco developing here!
And this is my developer recipe blog!