The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• 2 days workshop January 26 + 27, 2019 in Berlin


“I see double: Double 8 and Double Super 8“
Experimental Film Development Workshop in my darkroom in Berlin-Kreuzberg!
Saturday and Sunday 11am - 6pm


Super 8 is caged in cassettes - Double Super 8 films are 16mm wide and are not packaged in cassettes but on 10m spools. The films run through the camera twice - as known from the standard 8-based double 8 - and is then cut lengthwise in the middle after film development and thus separated into two film strips of Super 8 format.

Of course you can also run the film more often through the camera and get double or multiple exposures!
Double 8 and Double Super 8 films are still freshly made by the Czech company FOMA.
I have different cameras which we can test and film with! You can take one home on Saturday and film for yourself ... on Sunday we will develop all the films together!

In Caffenol:
CAFFENOL consists of instant coffee, vitamin C powder and washing soda. All three you can easily buy at at Aldi, Lidl, Rossmann etc. Better buy the cheapest coffees, it's all about the caffeic acid in it: bad for the stomach, essential for developing! The soup can be flushed into the toilet after one-time use.
Coffee contains phenols, the small sisters of Hydrochinone, the main ingredient of many black-and-white developers.
Phenols are found in various plants and foods: coffee, tea, red wine, potatoes, black currant, mushrooms, vanilla, whiskey, tree bark, various flower blossoms ...

Der Workshop
Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Limited to 6 people. We speak German and English. No previous knowledge required. Double / Super 8 is the sexiest film material in the world!
Cost: 120 EURO

You get:
1 roll double (super) 8 black&white film (4 minutes, FOMA) plus some meters of rare expired material like Kodachrome and ORWO and Eastman 7363!
Camera to go, all chemicals needed, Telecine of your film and the group film – DVD or via Wetransfer
Coffee, tea, water, cookies and lots of fun and insider tricks!

The workshop is over and it was marvellous! Thanks to: Achilleas, Evgenia, Finnja, Leo, Tenia and Raffi!

Russian Quarz double-8-camera Double-8-camera inside
Fresh FOMA films: Double 8 and Double Super 8 Something double exposed … Foma loves Caffenol and becomes brownish! In this workshop we'll develop the Foma films to positives! Using alternative peroxide acetic
acid bleach and extra strong Caffenol!
Here‘s a little film made from the participants’ results! >>> Click on the image! >>
More info about eco developing here!
And this is my developer recipe blog!
Second exposure to light – we developed zhree films black & white reversal!