The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop May 2011 in Berlin! Animate yourself and the world around you!


2011 again ... I was holding another self organized workshop in Berlin (in my brother's atelier in Schöneberg), one weekend in early June (Saturday and Sunday from noon to about 7 pm)

The subject is: Animate yourself and the world around you!

Animation … it is like salt in a super 8 soup. Animation is pure fun but also quite time-consuming. It takes only a little to set up fantastic scenes and stories though … paper scraps, clay, sand, wine gum animals, fruit, written words, petals and leaves … there's a whole bunch of everyday objects to move around! You can even animate yourself!
We will work with the wonderful warm-colored Kodak 100D.

First day: all you need to know about easy animating; film examples; developing ideas; setting up sceneries; getting to know a super 8 camera and how it works making a group film together (and processing it the same day!) Take a camera and a 3-minute roll home and make your own short film!

Second day: finishing your personal film; processing all films together; be happy!

No specific knowledge necessary.
Costs: 90 Euros including all film and chemical material, camera-to-lend, water, coffee, tea.
The number of participants is limited to 8.

The workshop is over and the participants were: Silke, Sanya, Andreas, Flo, Eugenia, Marc, Matti and Nadine!


Down here – some snippets of the films made during the workshop!

Matti is blowing air bubbles off the tank…

My brother's atelier and dark room (

Clay animation on gift wrap paper
Eugenia animating a dinosaur into her mouth.
Self animation
Boys animating themselves … and my Nizo camera.
The legendary warm colored light loving Ektachrome 100 D.
We checked the cameras out, animated ourselves, processed the film – here it is! The Groupfilm!
Some snippets from the films!
    15 meter of film taken out of the tank, into a bucket for post-bleaching and then out to be detangled …