The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop Summer in Berlin! Colour!


Berlin in summer! That meant Ektachrome T64, one of Kodak's most beautiful films, the follower of legendary K40, only a little grainier and warmer I'd say. His days are already over, Kodak just stopped producing it … the follower  has 100 ASA and is less grainy :-(
Anyway we took the Ekta and ran, shot, spiralized and processed it the next day! Each participant made a unique 3 minute summer film!
2 workshop, each one 2 days, in June and July. Thank you Miriam, Andreas, Cécile, Nadine, Florian, Rainer, Nambata, Lutz, Susanne and Judith for being part of the magic wabisabi boat crew!!


On top:
my brothers photo atelier ( – meeting and processing spot!

Left: Ekta 64T:
3 minutes of pure summer beauty ;-)

treeclimbing performers; Cécile explaing Rainer some Nizo specials; glowing Cécile and Nambata; Dagie blowing the spiral dry and Andreas the concentrated chef!  
My brother Bernd comes with ice cream! Judith animates strawberries; Lutz writes something with pesto; Susi concentrated at the Russian tank; Lutz + Judith checking the freshly developed film
[Fotos by me and Nadine Flerlage]
One of the many cameras that we're going to check out and use:
a Bolex Macrozoom 155 from 1968!
… and here: some films!!
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              Andreas does the processing tank dance   The June-Group-Film   The July-Group-Film   Some scenes from the June-Group   Some scenes from the July-Group