Workshop June 22 / 23, 2017  •  BILDRAUSCH Film festival Basel / Switzerland

Experimental Film Developing Workshop at 7th Bildrausch Festival


What a wonderful film festival! I was there for 4 days and gave a 2 days workshop.

BILDRAUSCH about me:
“She has given us wonderful Super-8 films such as 23 Barbie Dolls Fall Over or The Salt Frogs of Hiddensee and was the editor of the film festival fanzine "Der Jochen".
She captures the beautiful, quirky things in this world with her pinhole camera and teaches Super-8 workshops all over the world.

Now, Dagie Brundert is visiting Bildrausch and during a 2-day workshop (22 and 23 June 2017) she will not just introduce us to the art, fun and poetry of Super-8 filmmaking, but will also develop the films with the participants.

Instead of using toxic chemicals, she will use Rhine water, flower petals, soluble coffee, vitamin C powder and washing soda. The result is a black and white negative film, which Tweaklab will convert into a digital positive.

The works of the 6 participants will then be projected to the beats of the final party.”

Thank you for being part of it: Adrian, Anna-Daphne, Christian, Sebastian, Silvan and Vera!

Filming at 36° …
Dagie checking the results!

Click below and watch some snippets!!

Chinotto developing – world premiere!
Open air developing and rinsing.      

Mehr Informationen über Bioentwicklung hier auf meinem Rezepteblog!!

Photos: Beatrice Jäggi & me

Beetroot juice and washing soda: foaming! Orange juice developer Tomato juice developer