The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop January 22 + 23, 2010
Dresden Schmalfilmtage / Small Format Days


„Black+white experiments: double and more exposures!“
Experimental Film Processing Workshop
11. Dresdner Schmalfilmtagen


My second workshop at the Small Film Days Festival!
I invite 8 participants to join me on a trip into the negative black+white universe and dive into two intense days of learning tricks, getting into the wabi-sabi flow, make a fantastic personal 3-minute-film, check the great possibilities of a double super 8 camera - in contrast to non rewindable super 8 cassettes you can expose a film more than once (see above: this is me, three times exposed!)
On the second day we're going to process the fresh made films together in the dark room and of course present them immediately after on the festival!

The workshop is over - Marie, Karin, Andreas, Jörg, Lars, Lutz (for the second time ;-), Daniel, Maike filmed like champions, defying the cold … now you can see some results here.
SCREENSHOT, the best teleciners in town for 8 and 16 mm, have just digitized the films - sponsoring my workshop - thank you so much guys!!

The Workshop-Films:
telecine by SCREENSHOT, Berlin!
A wind-up Russian Double-Super-8 camera, a snow-name-drawer, and a hero in the cold and hard Dresden snow, the workshop is over, let's have some champagne!
… here's a little 4 minute compilation of the freshly digitized Dresden Wabisabi films
Some first film stills!
              … Lutz already edited a short film from his wabisabi footage! Dance!