The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• The Colored Feet Project                

The thing about the colored striped toe socks … it's a kind of subdivision of Wabi-Sabi.

And so it happened: just before my very first workshop (Los Angeles summer 2008) I was thinking about how to push my kids (age 15 to 21) in a joyful and colorful way onto their film path.

10 participants. 10 toes on wandering feet. Pull on your socks, imaginary or real, disguise yourself a little bit, pluck up courage and a certain amount of craziness and go ahead, film!

From that moment on I'm always busy on ebay shortly before the next upcoming workshop, buy new toe socks, take them with me and give them away.
Some of my students used them spontaneously, converted them into gloves (cold Rotterdam winter), used them as letters to form words or just animated them.
You don't have to, you can as well take them home as a symbol!

Let's see how the story continues!

… and here we go: some striped toe socks films that were made during the workshops:
My (hopefully inspiring!) Welcome-film! Jörg's striped feet on a journey  through Dresden in winter 2009. Feet guitar! A very short clip - toe socks as animation base! LA 2008. Berlin summer 2010: Nadine pulls on her socks, rides the bike and brings pineapple slices to the workshop!
Nick's feet fashion show.
Rotterdam 2008.
Kalinka! Judith summer Berlin 2010   A weeeiiird scene with Nambata …
Berlin 2010
  Susi on a Berlin wall walk
Daniel walking on thin ice,
Dresden, January 2011