The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Online Workshop June 19 + 20, 2021
10 Years Filmverkstaden Vaasa, Finland:
“Compost and the Magic of Film



Developing in environmentally friendly eco soups!
An alternative process for developing super 8 black and white negative film / photo negatives using food waste!

Day 1
• Introduction, all about Super 8, analog film, b&w photography and eco processing.
• Showing several short films that have been processed in eco friendly developers.
• How does a camera work, what possibilities are there to develop a roll of film, what is it exactly that has the power to develop an image and how does it work?
• Recipes of different organic soups. What you need / simple ways to do it at home.
• Live demonstration of how to measure and mix the ingredients and have a powerful potion!

Day 2
• Zoom live soup mixing and developing!
You'll make a short b&w super 8 film. Or a photo film. Or … just watch, learn and have fun!
Make your own Kompostol: developer made from food waste such as: banana, potato, apple, kiwi etc peels, tea / coffee remains, pressed oranges … anything! Must be vegan.
We develop our films simultanously – Dagie in Berlin and the rest of the gang in Vaasa, Finland!!