The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop January 16 &17, 2015  •  Stuttgarter Filmwinter


„The Coffee-Schnapps-Wine-Revolution!“
Experimental Film ProcessingWorkshop at the 28th Stuttgart Filmwinter
for young people from 16!


The Filmwinter is a super great festival and this is what they say about themselves: “The festival promotes an interdisciplinary approach to film, visual arts and new media. It is a combination of multimedia installations, video art, screenings of feature, documentary and short films.

The 21st century is like a maze where we follow the current and try like the greek goddess Hecate to look in three directions at the same time. With the help of this tripartite perspective we try to look at the past, presence and future.

Let us break through the fog and oracle with an winking eye what the new age does for us. In this spirit we welcome the future and greet:
Welcome to the New Age!“

I extend our small-format cine-consciousness with coffee and brandy. These ingredients (plus vitamin C and washing soda) make in fact an incredibly professional black and white film developer! It is environmentally friendly and smells very alchemistic!

We grab the camera, walk through the winter wonderland and Stuttgart‘s streets, shoot some meter of black & white super 8 film, then stir the soup and develop it all together in the very analog Russians tank!

All this in a two-day experimental workshop.
The workshop is over now and it was fantastic! Thank you Chris, Evelyn, Finn, Jonathan, Sonja, Tabea for being part of it!
We developed with fun and success and River Neckar water, Schnaps, coffee, washing soda, vitamin c and fruit tea!

Special thanks to Chris who documented the workshop, see below, 3 films on Youtube:

The Russian developing tank!  
  Puddle filming
        Here’s Chris’ website – with more of his workshop films!!!  
The place to be: Probebühne Theater RAMPE!
More info about eco developing here!
Here are 3 films made from the workshop footage! Kodachrome and TriX developed in coffee and schnaps:
Our main ingredients: vitamin c, fruit schnaps, Neckar water, soda, coffee!