The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop June 6 / 7, 2014  •  30th International Short Film Festival Hamburg


„The Coffee-Beer-Elbe-Water-Revolution!“
Experimental Film Processing Workshop with yummy drinks!

4 happy film viewers!

I have been experimenting with alternatives to traditional developers that are harmful to the environment for some time. And I stumbled across CAFFENOL, a black and white negative developer! A lot of photographers have already tried it and there are various recipes and reports circulating on the Internet!

Caffenol consists of instant coffee, vitamin C powder and washing soda.
You can easily find the three of them around the corner for little money. Better buy the cheapest type of coffee, it contains the most caffeic acid which is bad for your stomach but essential for developing! Dispose the soup after use in the toilet.

What more is possible? Kitchen stuff like beer, wine, apple juice, coke, rosemary. It smells interesting, it's eco and it develops film as nicely as regular photo chemicals! Black & white negative. We walk to the River Elbe and fetch some developing water ... and Hamburg Beer!

... The workshop is over now, it was fun, we spilled the Elbe water, drank the beer and developed 8 films in Caffenol! Success!

Thank you Anna, Arne, Eva, Igor, Mårten, Patrick and Verena!

More info about eco developing here!
Direct watering.

<<< Here on the left: 3 films!

One group film, one kind of best-of, one by Peaceman who came visiting and made a little docu!

Summer super 8 feeling – Arne in the meadow! It was so hot that day ... we did almost everything outside in the yard!