The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop June 8 at the Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, USA (


An experimental Super 8 workshop starring coffee,
californian red wine and jacaranda blossom tea


The Echo Park Film Center is a volunteer-run, non-profit media arts organization located in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. They provide equal and affordable access to film/video education and resources.

They invited me for this June: to live there, to film, to share inspiration and to teach!

It’s a one day workshop. Getting to know super 8, filming together, setting up the magic developer soup and hand-processing the film to black & white negative!

We’re using TriX and Adox material.

A yummy drink plus some washing soda and vitamin C make a wonderful environmentally healthy soup! A smell of brewery hangs in the air. We will feel very alchemistic bathing the 15 meter long film stripe in its yummy bath!

The workshop is over, it was great, we were 9 and we shot 3 rolls of film, developed them in coffee, red wine, jacaranda blossom tea! Click down on the image, there's a snippet of the three!

Thank you Josh, 2 x Hilary, Justus, Jazelle, Ursula, Ignacio, Klayton, Gloria Suzie, and Dickie!

Going outside, filming, collecting blossoms, preparing tea, cool down to 30°, processing, hanging to dry, checking (light table app!!), being happy!
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