The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop August 2008 Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, USA (


1. Youth Class - 2 weeks (6 Sessions 2 hours each, Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
2. Adult Class - 5 intensive hours: all about Super 8, filming and b/w self processing! Partner workshop with Paolo Davanzo


The Echo Park Film Center is a volunteer-run, non-profit media arts organization located in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. They provide equal and affordable access to film/video education and resources.

They invited me to be Artist In Residence for one month this summer: to live there, to film, to share inspiration and to teach!

My workshop included little theory, a lot of practice and many inspiring film examples. What's the magic about Super 8? What's the difference in contrast to video? How do the cameras work? And out we go into the park, ready to start filming, getting the feeling … real time filming, single frames, time lapse, the "poor man animation", the "magic B" and much more.

Luckily we are in Kodak-City and so we have the films processed over night and can watch our park film the very next meeting.

Next: Animation day! Animate objects, fruit, yourselves. What about sound? We set up a band spontaneously, used all instruments we could get hold of in our surrounding and made the soundtrack for the upcoming films!
After the first three sessions the participants felt ready to take a camera home over the weekend and start their own little film! The results were amazing, wabi-sabi lingers everywhere, as long as you stretch out your antennas and open eyes and ears you'll find precious pictures and little stories everywhere in your surroundings. Super 8 has the magic to capture them.
Next: what happens to the film once it's finished? Possibilities of telecine and editing. In the end: party, showing & glowing!

Here's my Workshopflyer PDF!

  Filming day out in the Echo Park The animation group sets up all they need and starts to film
  Some short scenes made over the weekend by the 8 participants The intense self processing group is filming and here you can see the results!
  Click on the image, watch the film!