The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

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• An hour long filmmaker talk, starring me: “Film Friends” is a monthly series that brings established and emerging filmmakers together online. Series 1 features eco image-makers from around the world! Hosted by the Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles. Now on Vimeo.

• I was „Gast des Tages / Guest of the Day“ in Deutsche Welle TV! (August 2018)

• AvantKinema, No/Low Budget Experimental Film, Music, Art & Writing Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian from Scotland ... interview me!

• The opening performance of the AVANT Film Festival in Sweden 2015: I develop live!
In coffee, leaves and birch bark tea, Aqvavit, vitamin C, soda .... 14 minutes documentation!

• I talk about coffee and the magic of Caffenol in this yummy blog.

• My Caffenol-Workshop in Hamburg 06/2014 – a film by Friedemann Wachsmuth.

• A film by Beverley Jordan and Tracy G Williams © Tracy Island TV, about “FLICKER: Artists and Super 8”, an exhibition in early 2013 at Smiths Row Gallery in Bury St Edmunds, UK. I gave a workshop there.

• Here is a wonderful long text, written by Luc-Carolin Ziemann, published in 2007 at - Short film scene Germany.

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