The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop September 10 - 19, 2018MetFilm School Berlin


„Animation and Coffee“ Experimental Super 8 Film Workshop

TriX, the best b&w film in the world!


„MetFilm School is a world-leading film, television and online media school which offers undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses in Berlin and London.
MetFilm School Berlin offers highly practical fil
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And now: MetFilm School Berlin presents: a double power workshop!

Film artist Hanna Nordholt (Hamburg) and me offer a 7 days intense super 8 workshop all around animation film history and shooting plus alternative film processing (Caffenol). Organized by Nina Könnemann, experimental film class.

We animate the world, objects and ourselves, dive deep into analog film history, material and magic, explore all the tricky features of diverse super 8 cameras, play with time and light … and develop the films in eco-friendly soups!

A closed workshop for METfilmschool students.

Pixilation on the Tempelhof airfield

Lightpainting!   We love film!
Very close macro - Canon 310 XL
is a fantastic camera and very
light sensitive!
  Pictures from the first workshop in February!!              

Title animation!

Mango animation! The Russian tank. Fixing the film. Happiness is a spiralizing film!

The result: a beautiful crisp
contrasty black & white
negative film!

Photos: © Hanna Nordholt