The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop August 8 - 11, 2022MetFilm School Berlin


Experimental Super 8 Film Workshop

TriX, the best b&w film in the world!    

Wir frühstücken zusammen und verkochen dann nachher die Frucht- und Gemüsereste zum Entwickler!
Having breakfast together and then cooking
the developing soup from the remains!

„MetFilm School is a world-leading film, television and online media school which offers undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses in Berlin and London.
MetFilm School Berlin offers highly practical fil
mmaking courses taught in English by professional filmmakers“

And now: MetFilm School Berlin presents: a double power workshop!

Film artist Caspar Stracke and me offer a 4 days intense super 8 workshop all around animation film and shooting plus alternative film processing (Caffenol). Organized by Nina Könnemann, experimental film class.

We animate the world, objects and ourselves, dive deep into analog film history, material and magic, explore all the tricky features of diverse super 8 cameras, play with time and light … and develop the films in eco-friendly soups in my darkroom!

A closed workshop for METfilmschool students.

Thank you for participating Irene, Tadeu, Auste, Mariana, Tomoko, Claudia, Josh, Dermot and Bridget!

Here's a little film from the workshop's results!!


Den fertigentwickelten Film hängen wir zum Trocknen kreuz und quer durch die Wohnung!
We hang the freshly developed film from one corner to the other in my apartment!