The Wabi-Sabi in analog photography

• Workshop September 6, 2020 – at my home for two

Camera Obscura – Pinhole Camerasconstruction, photography, developing!


We are in the Corona year and there will be no workshops in large groups.
At least none in real-time-and-space!
But one in private - with me in my working space / darkroom. For two people! An intense day!

A pinhole camera: the original form of photography, a light-proof box, a hole, and a piece of photographic paper or film. Each pinhole camera has its own aperture value, which is dependent on two variables: the diameter of the can and the diameter of the hole. The aperture determines the exposure time, which in turn depends on the photo or film material and the weather outside. Want to learn more? Then come to my workshop!

It's easy to tinker your own personal pinhole camera, you just need a light-tight box (tea, coffee, spice cans, peppermint, cookie, film boxes …), a hole and some photo paper or film. A little knowledge about light, apertures and time and then: go! Outside! Shoot anything … sky, tree, house, street, lake, meadows, selfie … and then we'll develop them all in eco soup made from coffee, vitamin c and washing soda.

Let the magic happen ;-)

To bring: nothing / collected cans (they must have a removable / screwable cover to insert the photo material.). But I have enough cans for everyone! I supply: cans and boxes, laser-drilled holes, all materials for tinkering / photo material, coffee, tea, water, snacks. Knowledge, tricks and lots of fun!

Time: 12 am to 7 pm



A plate of laser drilled holes!
Our work table!
All we need!
The Illy cam and its tripod.
Cookie can cam!