The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop November 2008
WORM Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam, NL (
8 participants (4 consecutive days, about 8 hours each)


The WORM Filmwerkplaats says about itself: “Na het doodverklaren van het celluloid als medium binnen de filmwereld hebben een aantal filmmakers apparatuur voor opname, projectie, ontwikkeling en montage gered van het modernistische juk en verzameld in Rotterdam. Op dit moment is de WORM - filmwerkplaats een van de weinige nog resterende plekken in Europa waar men kan werken met Super8 en 16 mm film.“

Freely translated it means something like: Celluloid film has been pronounced a dead medium several times … but a a handfull of enthusiasts have established a unique place in Rotterdam where you can learn to film and process, edit and project. Super 8 and 16 mm.

My workshop: 4 intense days filming, processing color, black & white positive and negative Super 8 material. And working on ideas.

We explore the Wabi-Sabi universe, we are swayed by our surroundings, we play with all available things (snow, an underwater camera, euphoria …)


Filming the neighborhood beautiful cliché windmill at night!
Right: Judith is unpacking a precious ORWO color film and will start to shoot soon together with Mariska. That is the beginning of a chain film - at the moment the cassette is staying with Nick …

Mathijs lets the underwater camera carefully down into the swampy water.
In the dark room, hand-processing a film
Mariska made a great film about her wabisabi radio called “The Blabla Apparat“ and after processing the film she worked on it: painting, scratching and exposing it to the sewing machine!
Here it is; she's still working on the soundtrack!
    And >> here << is a little snippet of a film that Mathijs filmed with colored filters!