The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop May 30 - June 2, 2019Silent Green Berlin


„Under the Strawberry Sun“ 4 Days Experimental Film Workshop



Film Feld Forschung and analog experimental film specialists Dagie Brundert from Berlin and Philip Hoffman from Toronto, Canada, invite you to a four-day summer workshop about experimental filmmaking, super 8 filming, and ecological film development at silent green.

Analog filmmaking seems to be experiencing a revival even before it has completely disappeared. Yet the chemicals being used have a great impact on the environment. Exploring organic film developing with environmentally friendly substances is not only a way to build a future for analog film making, it also helps us to understand the material itself.

The workshop is part of Stoffwechsel, a year-long series of events, workshops and expositions that addresses the materiality of film and the soil as archive.

The fee is 110€ including materials, or 90€ for participants unable to pay in full.

Participants should self-supply for meals or can choose to eat at the silent green restaurant MARS for lunch.

The course is open to everyone with a keen interest and passion, no specific knowledge is needed. The course is, however, delivered in English and requires a conversational level of fluency.

It's over and it was fantastic!!

Thank you Anna, Debbie, Eliza, Gabriela, Luk, Natalya, Rosalia, Xiaoer for being part of it!! And Phil for being an awesome co-teacher!!



  Some snippets from our group film - developed in Caffenol! >>>>