The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop May 30 - June 2, 2019Silent Green Berlin


„Under the Strawberry Sun“ 4 Days Experimental Film Workshop



Film Feld Forschung and analog experimental film specialists Dagie Brundert from Berlin and Philip Hoffman from Toronto, Canada, invite you to a four-day summer workshop about experimental filmmaking, super 8 filming, and ecological film development at silent green.

Analog filmmaking seems to be experiencing a revival even before it has completely disappeared. Yet the chemicals being used have a great impact on the environment. Exploring organic film developing with environmentally friendly substances is not only a way to build a future for analog film making, it also helps us to understand the material itself.

The workshop is part of Stoffwechsel, a year-long series of events, workshops and expositions that addresses the materiality of film and the soil as archive.

The fee is 110€ including materials, or 90€ for participants unable to pay in full.

Participants should self-supply for meals or can choose to eat at the silent green restaurant MARS for lunch.

The course is open to everyone with a keen interest and passion, no specific knowledge is needed. The course is, however, delivered in English and requires a conversational level of fluency.

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Toning a filmstripe in walnut soup!
Two of many possible recipes to develop a black & white film!

Life at Phil's film farm in Canada!  


Developing ingredients