The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop July 24 + 25, 2021Silent Green, Berlin

„Art and Compost“ A 2 days pinhole photo workshop


Make your own pinhole camera (from a coffee can), load it with a piece of negative film, stroll through the garden, find your picture! And then give it back!

Day 1
We have a number of coffee cans and laser drilled holes! These will become pinhole cameras, black on the inside, inconspicuous on the outside. How do they work? What's in there? How long do we have to expose? And then what? Everything from drilling holes to looking for motifs to developing negatives in eco developer (coffee, vitamin c, washing soda).

Day 2
Get positive! - Make positive prints, mix individual developers. Basic substance: recyclable leftovers. One person, one day, one leftover food* = one liter of photo developer! How and why does it work? The result: a cardboard-strong, approx. DinA5-sized photo. This photo becomes a work of art and thus part of a longer exhibition: it is brought back to the place where it was taken. It gets 4 eyelets and is tied. Shrub, tree, grid ... It stays there until it gets stolen, rained down or weathered. It is in transit, it will disappear, but that doesn't matter, the flowers are wilting as well and the trees are losing their foliage. Nothing is forever, but for a while it's there and delightful.

The following items are provided: coffee cans, holes, negative material, photo paper, everything to develop, please bring leftovers*! Previous knowledge is not required. Languages: German & English.
* well suited: leftover tea (black, green, herbs), potato, carrot, apple, banana, cucumber peels, fruit leftovers, squeezed oranges, etc. Vegan ;-)

Danger: it is not so easy to turn a negative into a good positive. We sometimes work in the darkroom, make a positive contact print from a negative, exposure time guessed and my experience. The developing compost soup is reusable, can be shared, not everyone of the 12 will use his / her own, cooperation is the order of the day, mistakes and errors will happen and are part of the whole ...

The workshop is over now and it was fantastic!!!

Thank you Brenda, Carl, Ricardo, Konstanze, Sara, Emely, Rebecca, Sabine, Tina-Marie, Steph, Aylin and Gabi for being part of it!!!