The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop September 8 / 9, 2012 in Sopot, Poland – Artloop-Festival


The Coffee - Wine - Vodka - Revolution

A short workshop for 12 people.

6 people take 2 super 8 cameras with a black & white TriX roll inside, the other 6 have 2 cameras filled with an expired color Kodachrome (which can only be developed black & white. Color is impossible).

Stroll through Sopot, say hello to the ocean, film ... and then we meet in the dark room, prepare the buckets: one filled with Caffenol (instant coffee + vitamin C + washing soda), the other with red wine, vitamin C and a little vodka, both for developing. One more bucket filled with water and one with regular fix.

A smell of brewery hangs in the air, we feel alchemistic and very environment-friendly as we bathe the two 15-meter-long film stripes in their yummy baths in complete darkness!

The results should be black & white negative films, the Kodachrome probably a little yellowish. Hang them in the sun to dry, then project and celebrate them together with a good glass of (fresh) coffee or wine!

Unfortunately we used the wrong soda (we realized too late …)!! It was supposed to be washing soda but it was baking/washing soda, that means it was less powerful and since washing soda is used for making the solution alkaline (less acid), which is important for activating the developing agents (and make the whole process more speedy), the films were in the end underdeveloped ..... :-/

But anyway … especially the Kodachrome came out beautifully scratched and partly with black patches … so I will digitize it soon and show it here!
click on the scratchy picture below and watch the film!

na zdrowie!


1. The  wonderful Baltic Sea

2. Ingredients for the soup

3. Doctoressa Dangerous pulls on her gloves!

>>>>> the mistake film >>>>

4. Checking camera and film

5. Semi-dry Bulgarian redwine: into the developer bucket!

6. The result is a bit too light …