The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshop April 30 / May 1, 2009 Cambridge International Super 8 Film Festival


The Festival says about themselves:
Welcome to our world of Super 8 film!
The Super 8 format has undergone a creative renaissance in the last few years due to the digital revolution. Our competition and panorama programmes will show the best films originated on the brilliant Super 8 format.
In 2008, the second Cambridge International Super 8 Film Festival was a successful event with more than 88 short films shown in three days!


This year I was invited (with a fat retrospektive and part of the jury) and I held a 2-days intense shoot & process workshop!

Here is a PDF, directly taken from their festival program! Read some more about the workshop
And here xxxxxxxxx is a fresh and beautiful review about the festival in 2009!! Thanks Tony, thanks Giles ;-)

For a beginning it makes absolute sense to take a camera in your hands and start filming! So we ran to the park, improvised a hippie rounddance, passed the camera from one to another and shot a wild group movie that we processed the very next morning. Films that were made during the workshop:
The Presentation.
Each one of the participants presented him- or herself spontaneously all together on one 3 minute film roll. At the end we had a minute left so we tried filming ourselves in motion and passing the camera from one to another without letting it fall down …
Warren is carefully checking the spiral!
  The Making Of The Making Of
I filmed them filming their presentation!
Short pieces of the participants' works!
Each one received a film roll and a camera and – full of wabi sabi inspiration – shot a film which we processed the next day. All in color (Ektachrome 64)!
Jean and Cain discussing the pros and cons of spontaneous group filming in the green.

Kay is working on a flower animation to form her name.

The freshly processed film (15 m long!) hangs zigzag and dries.