The Wabi-Sabi in Super 8

• Workshops



August 2008 Los Angeles, USA 
“Echo Park Film Center”

November 2008 Rotterdam, NL
“WORM Filmwerkplaats”


January 2009 Dresden, Germany
“Schmalfilmtage / Short Film Days Festival”

April / May 2009 Cambridge, UK
“Cambridge International Super 8 Film Festival”


January 2010 Dresden, Germany
“Schmalfilmtage / Short Film Days Festival” – The second time!

June & July 2010 Berlin, Germany
Self organized. 2 workshops! Color processing in summer!


January 2011 Dresden, Germany
“Schmalfilmtage-Filmfestival” - the 3rd time!!!

May 2011 Berlin, Germany
Focus on color film and animation!



January 2012 Dresden, Germany “Schmalfilmtage / Short Film Days Festival”
The 4th time! Color cross-processing!

February, 2012 Dresden, Germany
“Werk.Stadt.Laden.” – Developing b&w negative!

May and June 2012 Toronto, Canada
I was Artist In Residence this summer at L.I.F.T. (Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto) for five weeks. I held 2 workshops: one about CAFFENOL, the other playing “The Ambassadors Of Coincidence“ – a city walk game!

September 7 and 8, 2012 Sopot, Poland
“Artloop Festival” – “The Coffee - Wine - Vodka - Revolution”


January 2013 Dresden, Germany
“Schmalfilmtage / Short Film Days Festival”
The 5th time! Yummy eco beer, wine and coffee black & white film hand processing!

March 9 / 10, 2013 Bury St. Edmunds, UK
“FLICKER: ARTISTS AND SUPER 8” - an exhibition all about SUPER 8 co-created with the Cambridge Super 8 Group presenting the diverse use of Super 8 by artists since the 1960s.
I present “THREE SOUPS”, a workshop in Super 8 film-making and processing using 3 different recipes using low cost domestic ingredients such as coffee, tea and local beer.



June 8, 2013 Los Angeles, USA
“Echo Park Film Center - Special” ... eco film developing with Californian red wine and Jacaranda blossom tea!

August 23 - 26, 2013 Oldenburg, Germany
Eco beer developing at the “Freifeld-Festival”!


June 6 and 7, 2014 Hamburg, Germany
“30th Hamburg Short Film Festival”
“The Coffee - Beer - Elbe-Water - Revolution”

July 26 and 27, 2014 Essen, Germany
“Zeche Zollverein”
“The Coffee - Beer - Weed - Revolution”
As part of the traveling exhibition “recommended for imitation! expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability”


January 16 and 17, 2015 Stuttgart, Germany
“Stuttgart Filmwinter” – “The Coffee and Schnaps Revolution”
Eco friendly black & white film processing with yummy drinks!”

October 22, 2014 Solothurn, CH
October 24, 2014 Basel, CH

Mini Eco-Workshop with chocolate and beer celebrating super 8's 50th birthday!



May 8, 2016 Berlin
“ANALOGUE NOW“ – Photo & Film Festival. Mini workshop: Eco friendly black & white film processing with coffee, flower tea and schnapps!

August 27/28, 2016 Berlin
My darkroom is ready for a nice two days summer workshop!

October, 2016 Finland
2 workshops! One in Lapua, one in Vaasa. One super 8, one pinhole cameras! All developed in yummy eco soups!


January 28/29, 2017 Berlin
A winter workshop in cooperation with filmArche Berlin

March 25, 2017 Hamburg
A mini workshop in cooperation with Max-Brauer-Schule: pinhole camera photography and developing in Caffenol – for art teachers

May 20, 2017 Berlin

June 3, 2017 Berlin
A one day pinhole camera photography and developing in Caffenol workshop

June 23/24, 2015 Basel, CH
Summer workshop at the BILDRAUSCH Film Festival



to be continued!

Photos: all me, 2 x Uwe Reinhold